Lambton College Reveals New Logo Design

Lambton College Reveals New Logo Design

Lambton College, an applied arts and technology college in Ontario, Canada, has officially launched a new brand and logo, with the refreshed identity said to be the culmination of nearly two years of consultation and research.

College president and CEO Judith Morris discussed the new brand and the collaborative, research-guided process that led to the design. She also explained how the data was used to identify Lambton’s brand characteristics.

“It was an inclusive and collaborative process, and it was carried out that way so we could ensure that our values were visually reflected on our campus, in our community, and in every aspect of our Lambton College brand,” Morris explained.

The new brand identity combines a stylised image of a shield set in different shades of blue, a colour that surveys and focus groups claimed to show were “highly identified” with Lambton College by both internal and external audiences.

“From a geographical viewpoint, the shield is also meant to pull in elements of Sarnia-Lambton landmarks, varying shades of blue to highlight water and sky, separated by a white bridge, a visual representation of the city’s own Bluewater Bridge,” further explain the designers. “The bridge path also honours the College’s historical journey, symbolising the bridge from past to present, and pays tribute to a previous ‘Bridge to Your Future’ logo.”

The bridge is further claimed to serve as a blueprint of Lambton’s physical campus, and is meant to portray the main walkway, commonly referred to as the “bridge entrance”.

The College plans to roll out the new brand components immediately across the campus.

Source: Lambton College