Penn College Reveals New Wildcat Athletics Logo

Penn College Reveals New Wildcat Athletics Logo

The Pennsylvania College of Technology, known officially as Penn College, has revealed a new athletic logo.

The new mark, created by Skye Dillon, of Skye Design Studios, features a full-body wildcat perched atop Bald Eagle Mountain alongside the West Branch of the Susquehanna River – key icons of the landscape surrounding Penn College.

The wildcat, shaded in white, metallic grey and royal blue, is oriented with its head panned slightly to the right. The new logo replaces a 25-year-old mark.

In addition to the new primary mark, Skye Design Studios created a custom font, a wildcat paw print and an interlocking “PCT” mark as secondary and tertiary logos. The font features a cog-inspired serif as an homage to the cog in the official Penn College seal. The paw, too, includes a cog feature near the pads, while the interlocking PCT mark uses the new font for a unified look.

“A central theme that resonated during the research portion of this project was the emphasis on connectivity, as well as applied technology. As a result, we utilised the metal cog concept from the academic seal as a launching point to inspire details found in both the typography, as well as the wildcat icon,” said Dillon. “In addition to being a universal symbol for all technology-based programs, the metal cog also carried traits of synergy, power and motion ideal for an athletic identity.”

“With our move toward full NCAA Division III membership, our athletic teams competing in the North Eastern Athletic Conference, and full-time coaches who recruit student-athletes to the college, it was time for the wildcat to take on a fresh, new look,” added Penn College president Davie Jane Gilmour.

Skye Design Studios