Native Advertising Platform ADYOULIKE Launches New Logo

Native Advertising Platform ADYOULIKE Launches New Logo

Native advertising technology company ADYOULIKE, has announced a complete brand re-launch, including a new logo.

Now operating in more than 18 countries with main offices in Paris, London, Dubai and New York, the start-up has 65 employees worldwide and claims to be on target to achieve a $20M run rate in 2016.

The company says its new logo better aligns the brand with its international expansion and global growth objectives for 2016.

As well as a new logo design, the rebranding includes a new website, agency and publisher marketing collateral. Event and marketing partnerships to promote the rebrand are soon to be announced.

The new visual identity was created by Elie Majorel, head of design at ADYOULIKE, in what he describes as “a new logo that underlines technological strength with sobriety.”

“To underline the strength of its proprietary technology, the new ADYOULIKE logo gives off strength and control thanks to its square shape, the pyramidal disposition of the letters and the definitive affirmation given by the final full stop in the design.

The elegance and simplicity of the black and white are the promise of unique advice and expertise from a native advertising pioneer. A discreet allusion to the feed, thanks to the verticality of the words and the point referring to the URL, remind that ADYOULIKE is a digital start-up.”

Julien Verdier, CEO and co-founder of ADYOULIKE, adds: “I am proud of this new logo which manages to translate our mission and our strengths. Native advertising is the future of advertising, and we are creating and developing powerful technological advancements that can ensure its expansion.”