Zero Motorcycles Launches New Logo

Zero Motorcycles Launches New Logo

Zero Motorcycles, a California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, has announced the launch of an all-new branding campaign to coincide with the launch of their 2014 model range.

The update to the company’s corporate branding aims to reflect the rapid development of the Zero Motorcycles product line and is based on extensive consumer research and analysis, says the company’s marketing team. As the technology and application of Zero’s Motorcycles has advanced over the years, a new logo, colour palette and heritage mark was called for to symbolise the brand’s evolution as a company and the growing appeal of electric bikes.

“Zero Motorcycles has led the evolution of the electric motorcycle industry since our inception in 2006 and we’re proud to continue to grow as a company, a brand and a lifestyle. As our impact begins to reach outside the traditional electric vehicle marketplace into new territory with both first-time and veteran motorcyclists, we felt it was time to update our logo to serve a more well-rounded first impression and to more fully capture the vitality and passion behind our products and experience,” said Scot Harden, Vice President of Marketing for Zero Motorcycles.

In addition the all new heritage mark aspires to visually encapsulate the un-ridden territory that lies at the core of Zero Motorcycle’s brand promise. The new brand positioning, logo and heritage marks will be featured on each of the 2014 model offerings.











Source: Zero Motorcycles