Advice: How to Grow Your Graphic Design Business with Social Media

Advice: How to Grow Your Graphic Design Business with Social Media

Social networks have become a vital tool for business development, not only improving the visibility of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies, but in some cases also helping them to build a new customer base and ultimately, greater profits.

It is not surprising, therefore, to learn that both individual graphic designers and branding agencies are now increasingly using social platforms.

The latter represent a real opportunity to find and build new audiences and to subsequently take a given business to a whole new level.

Some would even argue that in today’s online environment, it is the surest step on the path to success.

But here is the catch: For freelancers and entrepreneurs, the first steps in social media can be a challenge, despite their high qualifications in the field of design and technology.

Marketing is more than just a set of specific techniques, so mastering and applying it in business can be a difficult task.

However, this is not a problem. And here is why: Marketing is much simpler today than it used to be. Plus, there are ways that do not require much knowledge and skill from you.

For example, buying incentives on sites like will help you make your page more competitive and attractive from the point of view of statistics.

Well, let us not delay, read on to find out how to use social media effectively for your graphic designer brand!

1. Choose your platform wisely

Choosing the perfect resource to promote your company (or you as a freelancer) is the first step to success, and it is best not to miss it.

The fact is that the platforms are segmented. This means that each of them attracts a specific audience.

Take TikTok for instance, which is considered to be more of a youth-orientated platform than any other. This is confirmed by statistics: Users of this application are most often generation Z.

By using this platform, you will be able to get young followers. If they are your target audience, then all is good, but if not, then other options might be worth considering.

Insta and Facebook are ideal if you still want to find out and understand who your potential clients are. These sites are more massive, and are frequented by followers of varying age groups.

More importantly perhaps, they demand slick visuals, which is what graphic designers excel at creating.

You can also take a closer look at LinkedIn – here there is a great chance to find new partners, potential orders, or even new job roles.

2. Publish your best work, but stay human

It is important to understand that in a highly competitive environment, you must not only be an excellent designer, but also an interesting person. Your life should become an integral part of a brand or freelancer’s page.

From the point of view of your posts, it is therefore best to adopt a hybrid approach – that is, alternate the publication of your designs with real life stories. This way you can avoid missing out on getting new subs (and hopefully profits too), but at the same time you will be more appealing to your target audience because your brand has a face.

The trend towards a “live” business is incredibly relevant now, so never hesitate (and do not be afraid) to post stories from your life, share your thoughts, including your ups and downs. This approach could allow your business to flourish.

3. Boost your stats

Finally, statistics are everything. At the outset, it may be difficult for you to get a lot of user interactions or to expand the visibility of your profile-come-page in an instant.

Attracting the right kind of audience can take time, so investing in additional measures sometimes makes a lot of sense.

You can try options such as the site we mentioned earlier for example, or perhaps consider cooperation with bloggers.

Targeted advertising is yet another option, which can be very effective when done correctly.

But once you have that all-important following, it can potentially serve as a ready-made market for any services or products you intend to promote and sell.