Pearlfisher Futures Launches ‘Futures Modes’ Reports

Pearlfisher Futures Launches ‘Futures Modes’ Reports

International brand design agency Pearlfisher is launching a series of Mode reports from their global Futures programme.

The Futures programme sets out to understand change, inspire creativity and design for the future. Pearlfisher says its on-going collaboration with key opinion formers and influencers allows it to envision what change might mean for brands and consumers in the future.

The Futures Modes series will consist of 4 reports, each focusing on the future of the 4 areas of creative insight in which Pearlfisher specialises – Body Mode, Taste Mode, Luxury Mode and Connect Mode.

Each report provides insight, key areas of change and a vision of how the future of each area might look, feel and function. The content is aimed at inspiration-seekers and brand owners looking to create a product or experience that will lead the way in the future.

Pearlfisher Futures Director, Sophie Maxwell, explains, “We recognised the opportunity to go further than the traditional trend report approach. We identify the key shifts in culture, the changes that we predict will affect all aspects of life and then use this to paint an inspiring but tangible picture of the future for our clients. The Mode reports show how change will inspire the creation of new design expressions and blue sky design concepts that illustrate what the future will really hold for brands, consumers and society in the future.”

She continues, “The fact that we’ve already seen some of these concepts come to life 5-10 years after we originally thought of them is testament to the relevance and strength of the on-going Futures thinking over the past 15 years. For example, in 2008, as part of our Taste Mode, we observed alarming statistics for food waste. In response, we created a concept called Ripe that aimed to change the way we see the life span of our food. Six years later, we are finally seeing brands that are similar to Ripe, entering the market that are putting value on the surplus and are making desirable products from leftover perishable foods to save waste.”

The first Futures Mode report to launch will be Body Mode, which will be available to purchase from Pearlfisher’s online store later on this month. The report series will follow with Taste Mode, Luxury Mode and Connect Mode throughout 2014.