Coca-Cola and Blank You Very Much Launch Design Contest

Coca-Cola and Blank You Very Much Launch Design Contest

News of another design competition for all our readers. This time it’s Coca-Cola® going down the crowdsourcing route with Blank You Very Much (BYVM). The two have partnered together and issued a t-shirt design challenge. The prize on offer is $5,000.

The winning design will be judged by BYVM users alongside a select judging panel. Though not strictly a logo design contest, it does involve utilising and playing around with Coke’s famous brandmark. The one downside to the competition is that’s it’s open only to U.S. residents. Budding entrants are directed to download the official Coca-Cola® brand assets that are being provided.

The specific guidelines are as follows:

• The archival assets selected as part of the asset pack cannot be altered or distorted in any way

• The Coca-Cola® logo can only be produced in Red and White

• Do not crop logo

• No international logos or flags may be used

• Must include the trademark sign

• When using the Coca-Cola® script it can only be placed horizontal and vertical – vertical script has to run from south to north

• The dynamic ribbon logo can only run horizontally

• The dynamic ribbon needs to be incorporated with a core Coca-Cola element (such as the Spencerian Script); it cannot be represented on its own

• Outline of the contour bottle needs to be pristine (cannot distort the shape/outline of the contour bottle); if not pristine, the art will not be approved; cans can be used, but the packaging graphics cannot be altered

• If any photography is used in the design, it cannot be of anyone other than the designer

• No children under the age of 13 may be used in photography

• Design theme should always reflect a balanced, healthy lifestyle

• All designs should be targeted to a 12 years and older demographic.

The entry deadline is 29 October. Full details can be found at BYVM’s dedicated Coke page: