Coca-Cola Launches New ‘One-Brand’ Packaging

Coca-Cola Launches New ‘One-Brand’ Packaging

In a move that will extend the company’s “One Brand” global marketing strategy to packaging, Coca-Cola has announced the launch of new graphics that use one visual identity system featuring “Coca-Cola Red” as a unifying colour across the trademark.

The “Red Disc”, described as the signature visual element of the new “Taste the Feeling” global creative campaign launched back in January, will now appear more prominently on packaging.

To clearly identify each product, the signature colour is featured throughout the packs – black for Zero, silver for Light/Diet and green for Life. The new graphics will also include the individual product name on front of pack.

“The unification of the brands through design, marks the first time in our 130-year history that the iconic Coca-Cola visual identity has been shared across products in such a prominent way,” said James Sommerville, Coca-Cola’s vice president global design.

Mexico will become the first market to adopt the new graphics. Other markets will roll them out throughout 2016 and into 2017.


Source: Coca-Cola