IMC Pan Asia Alliance Reveals New Name and Logo

IMC Pan Asia Alliance Reveals New Name and Logo

Singapore-headquartered investment holding company, IMC Pan Asia Alliance, has rebranded to “Tsao Pao Chee Group”, or “TPC” for short.

The new brand is meant to honour the company’s original, 120-year-old tradename of Tsao Pao Chee.

The latter emerged as a family shipping business during the Qing Dynasty.

Today the Asian conglomerate’s interests include not only shipping but also real estate and venture capital investment.

“This is more than just turning the page. We need to go back to finding our own roots, our own culture, our own morality, and ethical traditions,” says the firm’s fourth-generation steward and chairman, Chavalit Frederick Tsao (pictured below).

Adding: “Therefore, I decided to return to our roots and bring back the original trade name of the family business used by my great grandfather because that has always been our true brand.”

The firm’s new logo melds English and Chinese characters into one emblem, while the colour “Awakening Red” is claimed to represent “new materialism” (a reference to Tsao’s philosophy of ‘conscious entrepreneurship’).

A secondary corporate colour of emerald green is further said to reflect TPC’s “deep reverence for nature as the source of life”.

Source: TPC