Nendo Designs New Bottle and Logo for KENZO Parfums

Nendo Designs New Bottle and Logo for KENZO Parfums

Paris-based fashion label KENZO has revealed a new bottle and logo design for its newly launched TOTEM fragrance. The new look has been created in collaboration with prominent Japanese design studio, Nendo.

Adopting a ‘tribal’ feel, the logo consists merely of a square, circular, and triangular mark, while the fragrance itself comes in three variants, differentiated not by any kind of label but a simple coloured string, namely, yellow, orange, and blue.

“This simplistic and bold design is a highly symbol-oriented attempt to capture and blend the primal with the transnational; two defining essences of the generation at which this new fragrance is aimed,” explain the designers.

The bottle, meanwhile, is made out of dark purple glass, and the various layers of its form are claimed to resemble a traditional totem pole, with the bottle and cap merged into one to create a “monolithic” appearance.

“The younger generation of today have comparatively fewer cultural divides to cross, enjoying a greater shared sense of identity through the global spread of online media and applications. This flexible and upcoming generation, with their mobile and vibrant lifestyles, are like a new ‘tribe’ in modern life, and this new unisex fragrance has been developed to symbolise their interconnectedness,” says Nendo.