Pearlfisher Rebrands Access Entertainment

Pearlfisher Rebrands Access Entertainment

Pearlfisher has created the new identity for Access Entertainment, a company headed up by former BBC Television boss Danny Cohen and which specialises in investing in the entertainment media sector.

Speaking about the design, Mike Beauchamp, Pearlfisher associate creative director, says, “The new identity visually brings to life the idea of Access Entertainment as a gateway to the very best creative talent and content. The mnemonic, and the 3D space Access Entertainment now occupies, is not only a new visual and audio representation of the brand, but also a sense of spirit and vision to propel it forward into an exciting new future and new reality.”

“We have developed the brand into a new multi-dimensional space; giving it a presence that would entertain in the same way as the content does. Above all, clearly and simply communicating the brand’s proposition through a bold and memorable brand mark that could exist across print and digital media,” adds Pearlfisher strategist, Molly Rowan Hamilton.

The newly-created identity and visual mnemonic will first appear on forthcoming Warner Bros releases that include films directed by the likes of Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood.