Real Estate Identity: Fratelli Imobiliária

Real Estate Identity: Fratelli Imobiliária

FRATELLI is a real estate entity located in the city of Belem in Brazil. The brand name is actually Italian, with ‘FRATELLI’ translating into ‘brothers’.

Graphic designer Cecílio Mendes, also from Belem, took the name and coupled it with the icon of a house. And the result is a symbol with layered meaning that can be interpreted in multiple ways: a 2D outline of a house; two converging letter F’s; two hands coming together to work in unison; the letter ‘A’ when embedded within the word ‘FRATELLI’; a perspective 3D building; et cetera.

With regards to the typography, Cecílio wanted to go with a strong font and subsequently made small but important changes to the lettering in order to accommodate and integrate the house emblem.

Cecílio Mendes

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