Utah Rugby Logo

Utah Rugby Logo

Dan Winger is an industrial design graduate from the famed Art Center College of Design in Pasadena (California), and is currently working as a member of the R&D team at LEGO Concept Lab.

While not a formal graphic designer, Dan is nevertheless an entrepreneurial product designer who likes to take a very open, multi-disciplinary approach to his work.

This logo design was completed at the behest of a professional rugby team. The client specifically wanted a crest-shaped logo with a Polynesian-influenced visual theme. Other prerequisites included the team’s name, a rugby ball, and the depiction of mountains (a reference to Utah’s geography).

Dan managed to converge all of these various elements into a cohesive, focused design of a fearsome warrior face that is very much reminiscent of traditional Maori tattoos.

Utah-rugby team-Polynesian-logo-design-branding-identity-graphics-2

Utah-rugby team-Polynesian-logo-design-branding-identity-graphics-3

Dan Winger