Analytic Partners Rebrands, Unveils New Logo Design

Analytic Partners Rebrands, Unveils New Logo Design

Commercial analytics specialist, Analytic Partners, has launched a new logo as part of a brand identity refresh.

The American firm’s new look comprises a scalable design system featuring geometric lines and dynamic patterns – all of which is claimed to symbolise “precision”.

“As marketers, our job is to create powerful connections with our customers in a way that drives sales and growth. Our brands are an important tool to achieve that,” says Fleur Sohtz, CMO of Analytic Partners.

Adding: “Our new brand reflects the crystallisation of our goal to bring a comprehensive understanding of the real drivers of any business and how you can adapt the factors you control to create growth and new opportunities”.

The brand’s new logo is formed out of two triangles, with the external one representing “people, platform, and expertise – the three sides that make up who the company is”; and the inner one representing “performance, progress, and achievement”, which that the company claims it helps its customers to achieve.

With a dozen offices across the globe, the Miami, Florida-headquartered company’s cloud-based, managed software platform is reportedly used by marketers at global Fortune 500 organisations.

Source: Analytic Partners