ASHA Rebrands Jude’s Ice Cream

ASHA Rebrands Jude’s Ice Cream

Gloucester-based consultancy ASHA has redesigned the branding and packaging for British ice cream brand, Jude’s.

The refreshed design incorporates a new logotype as well as an ice cream ‘kite mark’ bearing the words “Great British ice cream”.

The packs, meanwhile, feature new colour combinations with ‘hand painted’ stripes to help differentiate between the various flavours. Details include the use of black trim on the tub lids for added contrast.

“The original brand identity had looked to position Jude’s as an authentic, family-run business delivering delicious hand-made ice cream of impeccable provenance. To do this, we had developed a visual language distilled from traditional Cornish pottery, summer fetes, licking spoons and hand labelling,” explain the designers. “The challenge going forward was to compete in the luxury ice cream sector up against traditional encumbents, new entrants and supermarkets’ own branded products. Being fiercely proud of the high quality of its ingredients and of its Hampshire roots, Jude’s also wanted to communicate a strong sense of Britishness.”