Big Fish Reveals New Logo and Packaging for Thomas J Fudge’s

Big Fish Reveals New Logo and Packaging for Thomas J Fudge’s

Branding consultancy Big Fish has refreshed the logo and packaging design for British biscuit maker, Thomas J Fudge’s.

The London-headquartered agency actually rebranded the over 100-year-old business back in 2012 – repositioning it at the time from “Fudges” to “Thomas J Fudge’s Remarkable Bakery”.

The latest update is said to have come about as a response to increased competition faced by the company from other biscuit brands, including from a growing number of supermarket own brands; the Dorset-based manufacturer currently produces Florentines and crackers that retail in the premium segment of the UK biscuit market.

Key design changes include the introduction of an all-new crest featuring the brand’s namesake Thomas Fudge, who founded the company in 1916. The accompanying logotype also goes completely modern, adopting a bold, sans serif typeface that represents a sharp contrast to the old version.

“The brief was to simplify the beautiful pack, accentuating the recipes for greater prominence. In the new look, the type is more straightforward; the extraneous ‘J’ has been lost; the overall presentation has been made more colourful; the ingredients emphasised to underline the indulgence,” explain the designers. “Fudge’s uncompromising approach to quality without shortcuts is now made all the more apparent. The overall message is crisply clear.”

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