Bloom Agency Creates Branding for The Cat’s Pyjamas

Bloom Agency Creates Branding for The Cat’s Pyjamas

Leeds-based Bloom Agency has designed the branding and interiors for new Indian street food restaurant, The Cat’s Pyjamas.

The brainchild of Michelin Star chef Alfred Prasad and entrepreneur Alison White, the restaurant launched just last month and combines traditional Indian themes with graffiti style designs.

The owners have applied this approach to almost every detail of the restaurant – including having bespoke wallpaper made for the loo and even decorating a rickshaw to drive around the city promoting the new diner.

“Indian food in Yorkshire has long been part of the culture. We wanted to add a modern twist to it by creating fresh, delicious street food and that theme also needed to run through our brand,” explains Alison.

“The team was keen to develop creative work that matched the theme, atmosphere and food together with the personality of owner Alison White and her brand. We applied a visual style which was bold, bright and vibrant using street graphics and texture mixed with unique typographic style and specially created images,” adds Bloom Agency’s creative director, Joe Mason.

When asked how and where the name came from, Mason says Alfred and Alison wanted something that was both memorable and pronounceable.

“‘The Cat’s Pyjamas’ was chosen in reference to the Bengal tiger which is native to India and the word ‘pyjamas’ as one which moved from Indian to English and means ‘leg clothing’. The phrase as a whole was also coined in the 1920s to refer to something highly enjoyable, desirable or impressive, especially in a fancy or elaborate way.”







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