‘Brand EU’ Proposes New Logo Design for the European Union

‘Brand EU’ Proposes New Logo Design for the European Union

Founded in 2014, the Brand EU Centre (Brand EU) is a London based pro-EU research and communications centre created and run by think tank Gold Mercury International.

Run by Nicolas De Santis, president of Gold Mercury International, and Enrique Barón Crespo, former president of the European Parliament, the Brand EU Centre aspires to improve the management of the European Union brand.

According to the Brand EU team the existing “brand,” or the current identity of the EU has not been well managed, understood or communicated to the masses in the right way.

“Aimed at citizens, we created the BRAND EU logo and programme as a communication vehicle for Europeans as the ‘unofficial’ brand of the EU. The objective is to differentiate ourselves from distant (boring and uncool) official EU communications and to convey our programme’s total independence,” states the Centre’s manifesto.


Source: Brand EU