Crush Foods Gets New Logo and Packaging Design by Production bureau

Crush Foods Gets New Logo and Packaging Design by Production bureau

Norfolk-based Crush Foods has been given a logo and packaging makeover by branding agency, Production bureau.

Founded in 2010, the artisan food label is a producer of cold pressed rapeseed oils, dressings, granola, and cereals; it is said to be one of the largest local providers within the East Anglia region.

“The new logo for Crush started with the ‘droplet’, the droplet represents a drop of oil. This shape really helps tell the story of Crush, with rapeseed oil being the first product they launched,” says the design team at Production bureau of the new brand mark.

Adding: “The drop shape doesn’t just represent oil, it also nods towards food in general, whether that’s the water that feeds the crops, the grains used in their cereal, or the petals and leaves on fruits and flowers.”

The droplet is then turned 45° to create the counter within the ‘C’, and is further used for the full stop. To match the the droplet, the rest of the letters within the logo have radial corners to deliver “a soft, playful look”.

As for the packaging, the agency says it wanted the food to be front and centre, and Crush to sit back.

“The idea of the packaging is that it’s a gift. A treat for you, or for someone else. The simplicity of the front of the packaging, and the eatable colours makes you want to pick it up and find out more. Once picked up and turned around, the back stripe and repeat patterned background, gives that gift wrapped effect,” explain the designers.

Additional design details include hand-drawn illustrations featuring a mix of textures and various line weights and styles.

“These needed to look spontaneous and energetic. The imperfections and roughness of the illustrations help create a sense that this is a handcrafted, artisan product. The style of the illustrations contrasts nicely with the clean lines of the logo,” concludes the design team.

The new look will roll out starting with the brand’s breakfast products before being applied across the entire range.

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