DropIn Rebrands for AI, Unveils New Logo and Website

DropIn Rebrands for AI, Unveils New Logo and Website

DropIn, a Los Angeles-based tech company specialising in video insurance claims processing, has announced the next iteration of its brand development.

Established in 2015, the company has evolved from a video streaming partner into an AI-focused, video-enabled surveying platform. The company’s new tagline is “Visual Evidence, Powered by AI.”

Since its founding, the business has branched out from serving insurers to also include real estate companies, healthcare providers, and local government bodies, among others.

“We’ve seen high demand for the types of technologies and tools we offer, from customers in a broad range of industries,” says Joseph Shemesh, CEO of DropIn. “We realised it was time to adapt these tools beyond serving insurers, to also include partners who need access to drone surveying, real-time video streaming and AI-backed insights.”

The DropIn platform mobilises a network of smartphones and drones to process insurance claims, run infrastructure and home inspections, and perform wellness and safety checks. Everything is done remotely, without the need of having to send out an adjuster, officer, or healthcare practitioner into the field.

Accompanying the rollout of its new brand focus, DropIn is introducing new AI metrics and tools, for use in tandem with its video streaming capabilities. Branded “D{ai}mentions”, these insights will be accessible by clients via a new reporting dashboard, which also accompanies the brand refresh.

To bring attention to its expanded focus on AI and cross-industry availability, DropIn has also migrated its web presence from DropIn.com to DropIn.ai. Visitors to the new domain will find a new logo design and website, showcasing the newest iteration of the company’s visual identity.

Source: DropIn