Field Museum Reveals New Logo Design as Part of Rebrand

Field Museum Reveals New Logo Design as Part of Rebrand

Six months after unveiling plans for changes to some of its best-known exhibitions, Chicago’s Field Museum has announced a brand refresh that it says will better convey its “bold, progressive approach to scientific research, cultural understanding, and community engagement.”

The most noticeable change is the introduction of an all-new logo, with the square-shaped device carrying the institution’s name in a modern, blue-coloured sans serif typeface – which serves as a complete contrast to the previous design that featured a traditional serif wordmark set within a rectangular green box.

The Museum’s management claims the new brand “declares and reinforces the Field’s mission to fuel a journey of discovery, enabling solutions for a brighter future.”

The 125 year-old institution currently has more than 150 scientists on staff, many of whom are not only responsible for maintaining what is said to be one of the most expansive natural history museum collections in existence, but who are also actively engaged in conducting scientific research in different parts of the world.

“The Field Museum is a dynamic place,” says Stacy Dilling, marketing director at the Field Museum. “But while most people know the Field as a hub for ancient artifacts and dinosaur bones, not enough people know about the science behind the exhibitions, the scale of our behind-the-scenes collections, and the work that those collections are able to fuel globally.”

Source: Field Museum