Good Launches New Property Rental Brand, ‘Difrent’

Good Launches New Property Rental Brand, ‘Difrent’

Branding and design consultancy, Good, has created a new consumer-facing brand, Difrent, for the launch of 927 new Private Rental Sector (PRS) homes in the north of England.

The homes have been built as a result of a PRS joint venture partnership between regeneration specialist Sigma Capital and Gatehouse Bank plc. The houses have been and will continue to be built by Countryside, and let by Direct Lettings.

The deal was announced in late 2013, backed by Prime Minister David Cameron and Vince Cable, UK secretary of state for business, innovation and skills. The first properties are now available for rent.

Good says Difrent aims to convey the new, secure and affordable way of renting houses being promoted by the development.

The name is a play on words – using both ‘different’ and ‘renting’ – and uses a clean font. At the heart of the brand marque is a motif, where the ‘F’ in the middle of Difrent is turned into a key, which the designers say represents the “freedom and security” that renting with Difrent can offer.

“Many of us have rented properties in our lives, and it’s fair to say that these experiences are often not positive ones. However, in other countries in Europe and around the world, renting is perceived as secure, aspirational and a good life choice. We wanted to represent these new and better values in the name and branding. Naming is always a challenge, but we feel Difrent, along with the key device, really represents what these new homes stand for – not just houses, but a better way of living,” said Keith Forbes, founding partner at Good.