JDO Designs Dove ‘VitaminCare+’ Range

JDO Designs Dove ‘VitaminCare+’ Range

JDO has partnered with Dove to design its new range of premium aluminium-free deodorants.

The minimalist look aims to evince the “goodness of natural ingredients and clean beauty” that the new “VitaminCare+” range supposedly offers.

“Consumers these days are well-versed in how our physical and mental well-being are connected. The new Dove VitaminCare+ deodorant range steps up to this expectation by delivering vitamin-enhanced protection and skincare for healthier feeling underarms,” says Justine Guicherd, client business director at JDO.

“Our primary focus was to vividly illustrate the enriching effects of vitamins, emphasising both potency and protection while maintaining a sense of softness and sensorial appeal,” comments Ben Oates, co-Founder and creative director at JDO.

Adding: “Our deliberate use of white space serves to accentuate the beautiful science that underpins the products, while pops of vibrant colour amplify the brand’s optimistic spirit. The true achievement, however, lies in liberating the bird from the wordmark. By allowing it to fly solo on the lid, the design elevates Dove into the premium space with a distinctive and iconic touch.”

The design consultancy also created a series of key visuals and animations to support the launch.