Pearlfisher Designs Branding and Packaging for Cadbury ‘Glow’

Pearlfisher Designs Branding and Packaging for Cadbury ‘Glow’

Mondelēz International, in collaboration with Pearlfisher, Air Innovation and Multi Packaging Solutions, has created Cadbury Glow, a new ‘premium’ gifting range.

Pearlfisher’s work spans brand strategy, brand architecture, brand identity and graphic packaging design.

Rory Fegan, Pearlfisher’s brand strategy director commented, “Cadbury is an iconic brand full of generosity, playfulness, optimism and pioneering spirit. As a brand that shares so many attributes with the wider gifting category, their opportunity was to create a gifting concept and a new range that would assert the brand’s position as the creator of premium gifting chocolate.”

Debuting first in India, Cadbury Glow is an all year round gift that first launched to coincide with Diwali.

Sarah Cattle, Pearlfisher creative director commented, “By referencing Indian tradition in a contemporary way, the new design creates the future of traditional gifting – reimagining rituals rather than reinventing them.”

She continued, “Inspired by the idea of beautiful from the inside out, our design essence ‘Glow on’ has influenced a design that is alluring and impactful from the outside but reveals layers of meaning on the inside. For example, the bespoke gold typeface of the new identity radiates from the inside out, the deep purple of the colour palette leverages the core visual equities of the Cadbury brand while the sophisticated touches of gold amplify the premium nature of the brand.”

Pearlfisher also brought in font designer Rob Clarke to develop the typography.

Cadbury Glow is currently available throughout India.