bottlegreen Relaunches Range with Designs by Ziggurat Brands

bottlegreen Relaunches Range with Designs by Ziggurat Brands

SHS Drinks has relaunched its range of bottlegreen cordials, sparkling presses, and tonics, featuring designs by brand and design agency Ziggurat Brands.

This is the latest stage in a partnership lasting more than a decade between bottlegreen and Ziggurat Brands, which has seen the range grow from fledgling start-up to household name. When Ziggurat Brands last redesigned the bottlegreen range in 2011, the work was recognised with a Gold DBA Design Effectiveness Award.

“We wanted to refresh the packaging to remind consumers what they love about bottlegreen, and to ensure it retains its category leadership,” says bottlegreen’s brand marketing manager, Jennie Speers.

“We commissioned the artist, Dessy, to create an inspiring illustration style, a lettering artist to redraw the logo. The result is a more fluid and elegant look, and this is complemented with the introduction of print finishes and intricate details wghich subtly drive premium cues and increase desirability,” adds Chris Mettrick, creative director at Ziggurat Brands.




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