Karoshi Develop Brand Identity for HeadBox

Karoshi Develop Brand Identity for HeadBox

London-based design agency Karoshi has developed the brand identity for what is claimed to be the UK’s first online marketplace for creative and off-site spaces, HeadBox.

Newly launched, the HeadBox platform aims to disrupt the traditional listing approach by linking guests, bookers of spaces and venues, directly with hosts, the owners of so-called ‘inspiring’ spaces.

“The logo — a fusion of a floor plan and speech bubble — acts as a visual cue to the off-site and event spaces on offer. The square box a visual mnemonic for the name,” explain the designers.

Partnering with the HeadBox internal team, Karoshi helped define the brand positioning of ‘Sharing Inspiring Spaces’ and have subsequently been involved in the identity’s implementation on and offline.

The HeadBox platform initially launches with over 1,000 listed spaces across London, while gradually expanding nationally and internationally.




Karoshi www.teamkaroshi.com
Photography: Jack Fisher www.jackfisher.org