Moxtra Reveals New Name and Logo

Moxtra Reveals New Name and Logo

Moxtra, a business interaction management software, has revealed a new brand identity and name – “Moxo”.

The cloud-based platform enables businesses to create and launch their own one-stop customer portals as well as private communication hubs for both external and internal users – all under their own name and branding.

“The update of our name reflects the evolution of our identity as a modern business interaction flow solution provider,” says Subrah Iyar, CEO and co-founder of Moxo. “We want to be the leader in helping businesses automate and manage their external interaction processes to reap efficiencies and orchestrate modern digital experiences for all their stakeholders.”

“Our rebrand to Moxo is reflective of the evolution of our product from a collaboration tool to a workflow solution to support the entire lifecycle of client management. With this new brand identity, it was important to me that we updated our logo to reflect this transformation,” adds Leena Iyar, Moxo’s chief brand officer.

“We created Moxo’s new logo with the earth in mind as our primary inspiration, as shown by the colour scheme. The green in the logo is representative of land, illustrating structured business interactions. On the other hand, the blue, characteristic of water, represents the more unstructured processes that businesses still have to deal with. The bleeding of colours into one another in our new logo embodies how our workflow solutions support the blending of these structured and unstructured interaction flows.”

Source: Moxo