Redesigned ‘LANCIA CORSE HF’ Logo to Debut on New Rally Car

Redesigned ‘LANCIA CORSE HF’ Logo to Debut on New Rally Car

Lancia has taken the wraps of its new rally car – the Ypsilon ‘Rally 4 HF’.

The vehicle’s livery design – whose visual cues and colour scheme all hark back to the famous Martini Racing graphics worn by the legendary Lancia Delta HF from the 1980s (pictured below) – also sees the return of the “LANCIA CORSE HF” logo, the signature mark of the Italian firm’s racing cars.

The HF logo itself – a new version of which was revealed only a few months ago – has a long history, having adorned Lancia’s high-performance models since the 1960s.

It then became a hallmark of HF Squadra Corse, the company’s official motorsport division, and was even used as the ‘signature’ for many of the brand’s wins.

The historic racing logo was made up of HF in white capital letters on a black background, with four red running elephants underscored by the wording “SQUADRA CORSE” in white on red.

For the latest Ypsilon rally car, the word “CORSE” has been written in an all-new, bespoke font, while the addition of oblique graphics are claimed to express “the concept of speed” and to create a “stylistic consistency” with the shape of the HF logo.

The logo has also been designed in such a way that it can be applied both horizontally and vertically.

Lancia remains the most successful brand of all time in the world of rallying, with 15 World Rally Championships, three Constructors’ and Endurance World Championships, one 1000 Miglia, two Targa Florio triumphs, and one Carrera Panamericana win to its name.

The new Rally 4 HF is set to compete in the ‘R4’ entry-level rallying class.

Source: Lancia