Parker Williams Designs Easter Egg Packaging for Tesco Finest Ranges

Parker Williams Designs Easter Egg Packaging for Tesco Finest Ranges

Branding and packaging design specialist Parker Williams has created the packaging across Tesco Finest’s new Easter egg ranges, developing designs for both its modern and vintage product variants.

The packaging specialist has produced a bright design for the modern range, incorporating the brand’s logo in a dark sphere, which stands out against bright colours and contrasting ribbon stripes. Each product within the modern range comes complete in a varnish finish, which the designers say helps give a “luxury feel”.

The newly crafted vintage range features a softer colour palate than the modern line, using pink, green, yellow and brown pastel tones to complement the chocolate product. Included in the twelve-strong vintage range is a custom-made egg coop, complete with netted metal front and wooden box, to offer a “unique and quirky” take on the Easter egg.

Jo Saker, creative director at Parker Williams, said “From boxes to the handcrafted egg coop, the variety of packaging heroes each product, catching the consumer eye whilst placing an emphasis on the eggs. Attention to colours help to express the care and consideration taken with each egg’s recipe, culminating in a design that reflects the high level premium product.”

The Tesco Finest Easter egg range is available in stores now until Easter. The range encompasses five varieties from Belgium milk chocolate with caramelized hazelnuts and praline teardrops to Belgium dark chocolate with Marc De Champagne and praline teardrops. The vintage range is comprised of twelve different varieties from white, dark and milk chocolate hand crafted egg coops, hand decorated Belgium chocolate eggs, and a variety of eggs with coffee, lemon, ginger.












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