PRG Hospitality Group Announces New Name and Logo

PRG Hospitality Group Announces New Name and Logo

Hotel brand PRG Hospitality Group has introduced a newly reimagined parent brand – “Common Thread Hotels”.

The latter is expected to replace the PRG moniker across all facets of the American firm’s sales, marketing, branding, and corporate relations.

The new identity, which encompasses a new portfolio website, branding and messaging, is claimed to reflect the California-headquartered company’s “design-centric boutique hospitality”.

“Common Thread represents an important and inspiring evolution for our company,” says David Dittmer, co-founder of Common Thread Hotels.

Adding: “Our hotels have become synonymous with a very special hospitality experience that puts design, personalised amenities, and a true sense of relaxed luxury at the forefront and we feel that this new brand vision captures that approach beautifully.”

The brand’s current collection of hotels within California includes Casa Laguna Hotel & Spa in Laguna Beach; The Prospect Hollywood in Los Angeles; Sands Hotel & Spa, Holiday House and Sparrows Lodge in Palm Springs; San Luis Creek Lodge in San Luis Obispo; and White Water Cambria and Cambria Beach Lodge in the Central California coastal enclave of Cambria.

Source: Common Thread Hotels