Pyure Organic Reveals New Logo and Packaging

Pyure Organic Reveals New Logo and Packaging

Pyure Organic, said to be one of the fastest-growing U.S. brands in the low-to-no-calorie sweetener category, has announced a major rebrand of its organic and non-GMO plant-based sweeteners, baking mixes, milk modifiers, and spreads.

The Naples, Florida-headquartered company says it partnered with marketing and media agency Ideabar to develop integrated marketing strategies to accelerate business growth and increase brand equity.

After conducting market research and consumer feedback, the brand and messaging were repositioned along with redesigned packaging across the entire portfolio of 25 Pyure products.

The new Pyure branding uses friendly fonts with grain-like textures, green leaf accents, bold colours and photos of sweets in an effort to appeal to customers. The new copy emphasises “love” language, as in the brand’s new tagline – “Love is pure. Pyure is love.”

“We could all use a little more love in our lives,” says Benjamin Fleischer, Pyure’s founder and CEO. “Pyure is the result of my ongoing passion for creating plant-based sugar substitutes that taste great and that love you back. Our rebrand, which gives us a new look that’s accessible and exciting, perfectly captures the vibrancy of our product line today and tomorrow. We think consumers will fall in love with it as much as we have.”

“The ultimate goal of the rebrand is to become a pantry staple in millions of homes, and to challenge sugar as America’s most popular sweetener. I’m proud to say that every decision we made focused on our customer. Their insights were our ‘North Star’ on the evolution of Pyure,” adds Pat Fox, director of marketing at Pyure.

“We are inspired by Pyure’s focus on bringing plant-based, organic, sugar alternatives to market,” further comments Dana Wardeh, director of client engagement of Ideabar. “Pyure Organic is a brand that aligns with Ideabar’s passion to provide natural-minded consumers with choices in their pursuit of personal wellness. This rebrand will help further establish Pyure as the undisputed pioneer of organic, sugar-free foods.”

Source: Pyure Organic