Trader Media Group Rebrands as Auto Trader

Trader Media Group Rebrands as Auto Trader

Auto Trader, currently the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, has unveiled a new wesbite design as well as plans to unify all of its various brands under the Auto Trader name, a move which sees the name of the company change from Trader Media Group to Auto Trader.

Formerly, the company operated under the name Trader Media Group reflecting the need to run a portfolio of businesses in different markets. However, in an attemmpt to streamline the business, Trader Media Group now ceases to exist in any form and is replaced by Auto Trader.

“Over 37 years we have built in too much complexity with acquisitions and new products and we need to make things far simpler for all our customers,” said managing director Trevor Mather.

Steps have already been taken to simplify the consumer offering, most recently with the launch of a newly designed home page that displays a revised search function and new advertising formats.

Auto Trader says it attracts over 15 million visitors every month, 60% of which are on mobile devices, performing over 75 searches a second.

The print edition of Auto Trader ceased being published back in June 2013, leaving the brand’s website still running. A new digital edition of the magazine was officially launched last month. According to Auto Trader, the site reaches 500,000 unique users a day.

Source: Auto Trader