Augusto Rebrand

Augusto Rebrand

Leon Kirkbeck and Michelle Walshe are the owner-operators behind Augusto, a digital production house based in Auckland in New Zealand. The duo like to consider themselves to be warm, quirky, upbeat people with a distinct penchant for all things vintage.

Augusto’s business premises happen to be in an old suburban corner store, which is what inspired the initial direction for the design. For in-house designer Penny Dombroski, it was important that the company’s branding reflect the combined personalities of the owners (albeit with an ever so contemporary twist).

In practical terms, the logo takes on two variable forms. In instances where the type inside the circle design starts to become illegible, a more regular logotype is adopted (as evinced on the business cards).

Both adaptations work particularly well when combined with the brown paper stationery elements that serve as clever bit of retro, “corner shop” kitsch.







Penny Dombroski