Earlens Hearing Centers Get New Name and Logo

Earlens Hearing Centers Get New Name and Logo

Earlens, a specialist in hearing solutions, has announced the renaming of its Earlens Hearing Centers under a new clinical identity of “Virsono Hearing Centers”, effective as of this month.

The American firm says the new branding is designed to clarify its commitment to broadening hearing care treatment and to meet the evolving needs of both patients and practitioners.

And the new Virsono name is said to carry “profound significance”.

“Vir embodies virtue and skill, symbolising the excellence of our clinicians and our hybrid virtual model,” claims the medical equipment manufacturer.

Adding: “Sono stems from the Latin word ‘sonus’, signifying exceptional sound quality and capability.”

“Virsono Hearing Centers better reflects our mission to provide the best technology for patients and deliver the finest patient experience and service in the industry,” further comments Bill Facteau, president and CEO of Earlens.

The California-headquartered company is named after its eponymous Earlens product, a light-driven hearing aid that uses light and a small lens placed on the user’s eardrum to transmit sound.

Source: Earlens