Hotel Branding: The Wigwam Cabins

Hotel Branding: The Wigwam Cabins

Managed by Jennifer Lucey-Brzoza and Rory Keohane, Oat is a branding agency based in Somerville, Massachusetts (USA). As the studio’s Creative Director, Jennifer typically calls the shots when it comes to all of the hands-on design work.

With a background in fine art, and entirely self-taught as a designer, her designs are not of the common corporate variety – as evinced in this branding proposal for The Wigwam Cabins.

The “Wigwam” compound happens to be located on the summit of Route 2, a major east–west state highway in Massachusetts that also incorporates a historical Mohawk Trail. Ever since the early twentieth century, the Wigwam has been a popular travel destination owing to the scenic views it affords visitors of nearby Mount Greylock and the North Adams valley.

As a way of honouring both the heritage and nostalgia of this important byway, Oats’ logo design blends colours and pattern forms inspired by traditional Native American trading blankets.





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