How Pentagram Gave TheStreet a Stock-Inspired Look

How Pentagram Gave TheStreet a Stock-Inspired Look

TheStreet is a digital financial media company whose network of digital services provides users with a variety of content and tools through a range of online, social media, tablet and mobile channels.

The company was co-founded by American TV personality Jim Cramer, the popular stock market analyst of “Mad Money” fame, and in addition to publishes a network of sites including RealMoney, Stockpickr, BankingMyWay, and MainStreet.

As part of a company-wide rebranding, TheStreet launched a new graphic identity back in 2011 designed by Pentagram’s Paula Scher.

Set in a modified Akzidenz Grotesk, the logotype appears above three short lines that suggest lines in the street or balance sheets; the number of lines was inspired by the market positions of buy, sell and hold.

The identity also appears as a monogram of the letters “TS” that is used as an icon for apps and social media like Twitter. The designers created a family of logos for the site’s affiliates that all read as being part of TheStreet.

As part of the rebranding, TheStreet also changed its official corporate name from, Inc. to TheStreet, Inc., introducing a new ticker symbol––from “TSCM” to “TS” on the NASDAQ Stock Market––and a new corporate web address,

The rebranding also coincided with a renovation of the company’s headquarters on Wall Street.