Interbrand Brands General Electric’s First Public Spinoff – ‘GE HealthCare’

Interbrand Brands General Electric’s First Public Spinoff – ‘GE HealthCare’

Global brand consultancy Interbrand has created the branding and identity for General Electric’s first public spinoff, GE HealthCare.

Just two months after its debut on the Nasdaq, the new healthcare firm has already reportedly reached a total market cap of $35 billion.

The American conglomerate decided back in July 2022 to split its portfolio of healthcare, energy, and aviation businesses into three independent companies.

It worked with Interbrand over a nine-month period to create the look for the healthcare arm, with the project said to have involved 20+ work streams including messaging, brand architecture, corporate governance, financial modelling, and research that also included a global online feedback survey of GE’s 50,000 employees.

Design details include open source typography that blends GE’s original blue and red logo colours to create ‘compassion purple’, along with photography that aims to depict the people behind the brand instead of just machinery and technology.

Interbrand says it also worked closely with GE HealthCare on several iterations of its final brand purpose statement: ‘To Create a World Where Healthcare Has No Limits’.

“Our goal was to shift GE’s identity from that of an industrial company to one that is uniquely healthcare – with people at the very heart,” says Kristin Fallon, global head of brand at GE HealthCare.

“Our role was to bring patients, humanity, and compassionate care to the centre of our brand purpose and identity work,” adds William Woduschegg, executive creative director at Interbrand New York.

The agency is now working on the brand strategy for GE’s other two spinoffs, namely, GE Vernova and GE Aerospace.