MegaMex Foods Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Logo

MegaMex Foods Celebrates 10th Anniversary with New Logo

MegaMex Foods, a major player in the $6.5 billion Mexican foods category, is marking its 10th anniversary by unveiling a new corporate logo and mission statement, “Reimagining Mexican Flavor”.

Headquartered in Orange County, California, the business was founded in 2009 as a joint venture between two big names in the food industry, Hormel Foods in the United States and Herdez del Fuerte in Mexico.

The MegaMex Foods portfolio of sub-brands currently includes Mexico’s number one selling salsa brand and America’s number one selling guacamole brand.

“The new logo is a symbol ripe with meaning, it’s fresh, confident and bold. The tomato, pepper and avocado are essential ingredients, rooted in the company’s history of Mexican cooking. The spoon and fork celebrate the meals we share — how family, friends and food are passions that connect us all. And the blossoms represent the world of new flavours and ideas MegaMex Foods explores every day. The logo weaves together the traditional with the new,” says the company.

“Our 10th anniversary is the perfect time to proudly reflect on our past, while setting the tone for the next 10 years and beyond for MegaMex Foods,” adds Ryan Michaelis, president and CEO of MegaMex Foods. “We’re passionate about creating the flavours Mexican food lovers love and our new purpose statement and corporate branding reflect who we are today and where we are headed.”

The new logo, tagline and corporate branding efforts will be rolling out over the coming weeks and months through new ads as well as a redesigned corporate website.

Source: MegaMex Foods