MetaDesign Gives Volkswagen Brand a New Typeface

MetaDesign Gives Volkswagen Brand a New Typeface

German brand agency MetaDesign has developed a new typeface for carmaker Volkswagen.

The brand typeface, developed exclusively for Volkswagen, will be used in all communication media and in all vehicles. It will be rolled out successively according to production cycles.

The designers say ongoing digitalisation and globalisation placed new demands on Volkswagen’s integrated brand image.

“The increasingly digital cockpit design means that brand elements such as the typeface are becoming more prominent inside the vehicle, for example in the instruments and infotainment systems. And as the Volkswagen brand has continued to develop over the years, its look has always grown with it. As a key component of the brand’s look and feel, the typeface has now been reworked and updated. The use of a proprietary typeface also contributes to cost-efficiency, allowing the company to avoid license payments for unlimited user rights,” explain the designers.

The bespoke typeface was developed in collaboration with the typographer Hannes von Döhren in two distinctions, “Volkswagen Head” and “Volkswagen Text”.

“Having a typeface that we can use in both our communication and our products is a new quality for Volkswagen. This typeface is obviously inspired by our vehicle design, communicates the character of our brand and offers Volkswagen customers a distinct and sustainable brand experience,” says Xavier Chardon, head of marketing at Volkswagen Brand Cars.

The partnership between MetaDesign and Volkswagen dates back to 1994. The Berlin-based brand agency also created the carmaker’s outgoing typefaces, VW Headline and VW Utopia, both in use since 1997.