NB Studio Creates New Logo and Identity for Ravensbourne

NB Studio Creates New Logo and Identity for Ravensbourne

NB Studio has created the new logo and identity for art and design school Ravensbourne, which is aiming to become an independent University with degree-awarding powers.

The new branding system is centred around a black and white box that opens up and expands to become a flexible framing device.

“Revisiting the idea of a crest, we developed a simple mark that opens up in application to become a flexible framing device, brimming with energy – just like the ‘creative village’ of Ravensbourne,” say the designers.

“At face value, our brief was an interim ‘refresh’ solution. But we argued that interim was an inconvenience. The new dynamic identity represents a departure from the previous architecturally-inspired mark. This is less about an iconic building and more about the unique character of what goes on here – collaborative working, interactions with industry and the creative collision of disciplines.”

A custom typeface was also developed for the project by Greek designer and illustrator Kostas Bartsokas.

The new identity replaces the college’s previous architecture-inspired identity, which was created by Johnson Banks back in 2010 when the institution moved into its £50m home in North Greenwich.










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