OC Flavors and Novotaste Merge, Reveal New Brand and Logo

OC Flavors and Novotaste Merge, Reveal New Brand and Logo

North American food flavouring companies OC Flavors and Novotaste have merged, unveiling a reimagined brand in the process.

Called “Mosaic Flavors”, the new business entity is claimed to represent “the harmonious fusion of artistry, scientific excellence, and a customer-centric approach to flavour creation”.

“The journey of Mosaic Flavors began with the vision of uniting agile flavour companies across North America, each company akin to a unique piece of a mosaic,” says the California-headquartered firm.

Adding: “Just like the intricately crafted patterns, Mosaic Flavors aims to maintain the individual service and character of each company while collectively forming a captivating masterpiece in the network.”

“We understand the challenges that food and beverage companies face in today’s competitive market, and we are determined to be a trusted partner and innovative supplier that helps them conquer those challenges head-on,” further comments Jim Miller, CEO of Mosaic Flavors.

Founded in 2007, OC Flavors acquired Canada-based Novotaste back in February of this year.

Source: Mosaic Flavors