Pentagram Brands ‘Period Equity’ in Fight Against Tampon Tax

Pentagram Brands ‘Period Equity’ in Fight Against Tampon Tax

Pentagram’s Paula Scher and her team have created the identity for Period Equity, a non-profit organisation based in the U.S. that is fighting to repeal the “tampon tax” on women.

The design agency worked closely with Period Equity co-founders Jennifer Weiss Wolf and Laura Strausfeld to develop the identity.

Scher decided to rename Period Equity, shifting the name from the slightly off-putting Menstrual Equality. When the group ultimately achieves its goal, Scher says the name can be inverted to “Equity, Period.”

Graphically the identity pulls no punches about a subject that still makes some people uncomfortable. The logotype is spotted with red dots that echo the name, set in New Rail Alphabet (designed by Margaret Calvert), but with round punctuation.

Pentagram hopes the new identity will help give Period Equity greater visibility as it continues to approach lawmakers, raise awareness and undo stigma around the issue.

For example, the organisation recently partnered with Cosmopolitan magazine to sponsor the first “No Tax on Tampons” petition on

The campaign subsequently attracted support from lawmakers, who proposed laws in 15 states, and the tampon tax has been successfully eliminated in Connecticut, Illinois and New York as a result.