Personal ID: Neelakandan Wildlife Photography

Personal ID: Neelakandan Wildlife Photography

Neelakandan Madavana hails from Kerala in India. He is an entirely self-taught graphic designer who has a passion for wildlife photography and user interface design. These two passions, collectively, have become his vocational endeavour.

Neelakandan therefore set out to design a logo that could be used in his photography work as a watermark and also as an identity mark for his business.

“As I take photos of wild animals and birds, I wanted to incorporate both mammal and bird into the logo and also wanted to project the N of NeelakandaN”, he tells us. Elephant symbolism is, of course, much celebrated in Indian culture.

The clever feature of the design is the juxtaposition of positive and negative space, especially the inter-merging beak and tusk element.

Neelakandan Madavana