Plant-Based Milk ‘MoFree’ Gets Cat-Inspired Branding and Packaging by JDO

Plant-Based Milk ‘MoFree’ Gets Cat-Inspired Branding and Packaging by JDO

Branding agency JDO has created the identity and packaging design for new plant-based milk product, MoFree.

Developed by JDO’s Shanghai office in collaboration with Dali Food Group – said to be a prominent player in the Chinese snack and beverage industry – MoFree aims to stand out with a playful character that is brought to life through the use of a cat mascot.

The feline symbol – inspired by a direct translation of the brand name that means “Flying Cats” – takes centre stage in the visual identity.

“Our design adopts a simple yet whimsical approach, helping MoFree stand out with communication that engages China’s dynamic Gen Z, who are always on the lookout for new experiences,” comments Greenly Lu, VP at JDO Shanghai.

“Instead of being overly serious or confrontational, the MoFree brand world, crafted by JDO, is a place where people can play and thrive,” adds Qi Jun, design manager at Dali Food Group.

The wordmark, meanwhile, features bold letterforms in an ink-stamped illustration style, which the designers claim underscores “the brand’s naturally healthy proposition”.

“What makes this project particularly thrilling is that we didn’t face the usual constraints that large brands often do. However, it also presented a unique challenge, as we had to conceive and bring everything to life from scratch,” says Greenly Lu, vice president at JDO Shanghai.