Ragged Edge Creates New Look for Fertility Brand – ‘Mylo’

Ragged Edge Creates New Look for Fertility Brand – ‘Mylo’

Fertility technology company myLotus has rebranded as “Mylo”, with design by Ragged Edge.

Mylo’s ovulation tracker, which detects luteinising hormone in the urine, is claimed to offer users the tools and information that will optimise their chances of having a baby.

Changing the name from myLotus to Mylo is said to have set the tone for the rebrand, while the identity is designed to “get up close and personal”.

The colour palette is primarily comprised of skin tones, complemented by a bright blue for a hint of ‘energy’. The logo and illustrations have rough, handmade-looking edges. And the tone of voice is described as offering “real talk” by, on the one hand, not being overly scientific, and, on the other hand, not being too sentimental. Tying all of the details together are portraitures of real women and men.

“The overall effect is ‘perfectly imperfect’ and celebrates the idiosyncrasies that make us unique,” explains the design team at Ragged Edge.

“Getting pregnant is not always a matter of time, it’s more a matter of timing. Mylo gets real about conception. Real information, real empathy, for real women and men facing the realities of trying to have a baby,” adds Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge.

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