Robot Food Unveils New Branding for BULK POWDERS

Robot Food Unveils New Branding for BULK POWDERS

BULK POWDERS sell their sports nutrition supplements online, in bulk. Robot Food designed the brand, website and packaging back in 2013, and were recently asked back to unify and progress the brand to accommodate its growing product range.

What began as a line of protein products for both bodybuilders and general athletes has now developed into a full range of nutritional and lifestyle foods and supplements. A brand rationalisation and refresh was therefore called for by company bosses.

The agency says it started by tweaking the packaging, then simplified the logo from multiple greens to a single green. The designers then updated the font in the word-marque and changed the grey to a black for more standout.

In addition, ACTIVE FOODS, one of BULK POWDERS’ four sub-ranges, has been given a new identity. Retaining the sub-brand’s keynote purple, the packs have been re-designed on brown paper bags and other substrates with clearer flavour cues to create a “foodier feel”, according to the designers.

“Having designed Bulk Powders’ branding previously, we understand where they’ve come from – and where they’re going to. We also understand modern food, fitness and lifestyle trends, and we applied our knowledge to move the brand on so it speaks to a newer, wider, savvier audience – without compromising the existing brand equity,” says Mike Johns, senior designer at Robot Food.

Robot Food has further created and designed ‘Bulk Points’, a new customer reward system.

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