The Huffington Post Reveals New Logo Design

The Huffington Post Reveals New Logo Design

Online newspaper The Huffington Post has undergone a brand overhaul, changing its name to HuffPost as well as revealing a new logo design and refreshed website.

The new identity features a logotype set in National typeface that is enclosed by a green ‘splash’ on either side; the two splashes also combine on their own to form an abstract forward slash “H”, which further serves as the new icon for all of HuffPost’s apps and social channels. The brand’s signature green has also been updated.

“We fell in love with the new typeface because it’s strong and a little quirky. The bold italic carries the eye forward, in the same way our brand has grown and evolved over the last 12 years,” explains Alison Zack, HuffPost’s senior director of design and UX. “The shapes are the evolution of an early concept our collaborators at the creative strategy firm Work-Order presented us, which featured a forward slash to either side of the name. We loved it because, again, they point us forward, but are also reminiscent of the slashes in URLs.”

The refresh is intended to open the “next chapter” for the liberal-leaning news website, which was originally founded by Arianna Huffington back in 2005 – and which in 2012 became the first commercially run U.S. digital media enterprise to win a Pulitzer Prize.

Source: HuffPost