Airspace Unveils New Logo and Branding

Airspace Unveils New Logo and Branding

Airspace, a global delivery network for time-critical logistics, has introduced new branding complete with an all-new website.

This news comes on the heels of its Series C funding round of $38 million – bringing its total funding to over $70 million – and recent announcement it was awarded a patent for its AI and machine learning-based logistics management platform.

The company’s new logo and brand elements retain the familiar Airspace green but have been updated to communicate the company’s growth over the last five years.

Airspace today has 200 employees, a global courier network, and serves over 200 enterprise customers in organ transportation, lab testing, medical devices, high-tech, manufacturing, and aerospace industries, including the likes of Frontier Airlines and the American Red Cross.

“The new branding shows how Airspace has progressed since our founding in 2016,” says Airspace co-founder and CEO, Nick Bulcao. “It signifies our growth, success, and position in the industry. Our team is passionate about every account, project, and package, and works hard at finding innovative ways to deliver our service to customers. Our new branding and website tell our story of dedication to service, as well as our intention to continually employ the latest in AI, machine learning, and software development to improve logistics, time-critical, and scheduled shipping services.”

The California-headquartered company is aiming to grow by over 100% in 2021, having shipped over 200,000 packages to date, many of them organs for transplant, and other critical healthcare shipments.

Airspace is also assisting with ongoing pandemic relief efforts, delivering COVID-19 tests and critical PPE, and serving as a primary logistics provider in California for the distribution of vaccines.

The company opened an office in Amsterdam last June, and says it plans to open more offices in Europe and Asia in the next few years.

“The rebrand communicates how Airspace is positioned within the market. From its startup days – when Nick and Ryan invented a novel approach to logistics and bootstrapped Airspace – to its global expansion, Airspace has become a leading logistics company by continually pushing the limits, utilising cutting-edge technologies, and employing never-before-seen service strategies,” comments Airspace vice president of marketing, Kelsey Voss. “The new website provides our customers with valuable resources, timely updates, and communicates how Airspace incorporates its core values in everything it does.”

Source: Airspace