Anti-Racism Poster

Anti-Racism Poster

Strictly speaking, this is not a logo design. But it is, nevertheless, a very clever bit of agitprop. Having chanced upon it, we simply could not pass up the opportunity to show it on our website.

The design is the work of Angelos Ntinas from Thessaloniki in Greece. And both the aim and philosophy behind the work is entirely social.

Designed under the auspices of the Greek Graphic Designers Association, the poster makes a visual comment-come-protest against the rising tide of racism in Greece.

Fueled by the economic crisis, the far-right ultra nationalist Golden Dawn party has made considerable inroads into the sociopolitical fabric of Greece. Attacks on ethnic minorities and migrants are on the rise.

Of course, the increase in prejudice and racism is not just isolated to Greece; this is a Europe-wide problem. Here in Britain, for example, racism is currently one of the main talking points vis-à-vis football in the English Premier League.

Angelos Ntinas