Burger Chain Johnny Rockets Unveils New Logo and Branding

Burger Chain Johnny Rockets Unveils New Logo and Branding

Johnny Rockets global restaurant chain is marking its 30th anniversary year with the debut of a brand refresh dubbed “Johnny Rockets 2.0”.

The brand has previously been known for its 50s diner look complete with jukeboxes, dancing servers dressed in the decade’s familiar soda fountain uniforms and its original burgers and shakes.

However, the brand refresh introduces a new logo, a modern restaurant design, new uniforms for servers and cooks and redesigned to-go packaging. The revised logo is also accompanied by the words “American Original”.

The company says it selected and worked closely with the branding and design firm WD Partners to better understand the needs and wants of consumers and how best to position the brand.

“Every brand goes through an evolution to stay relevant, and we’re no different,” said Charles Bruce, Johnny Rockets CEO and president. “In recent years and prior to the leadership team now in place, the brand made decisions based on a consensus of in-house opinions. Over the last eighteen months, our teams, with the help of our branding and design partners, were focused only on the opinions of the people who matter the most – current and future guests.”

Johnny Rockets marketing boss Joel Bulger added, “The new logo and design evoke a classic modern look that better represents what the brand is today and for the future. We implemented a logo rebranding research study to determine what millennials and non-millennials thought about Johnny Rockets. We learned, in part, that the majority of users of the brand were passionate about our food and great service, but admitted that the brand needed an update.”

The first restaurant to feature the full redesign and logo is the company’s corporate restaurant located in the Destiny USA mall in Syracuse, New York.

Over the next five months, there will be fifteen new restaurants debuting with the new logo and design. Restaurants in new international markets will have the new design and logo as well.

A larger rollout of the brand refresh is planned in phases over the next six months including a new website, mobile app and updated social media platforms.




Source: Johnny Rockets